If it hurts, it's worth an
URGO Cold Patch

Why choose the URGO Cold Patch?  

Made with l-Menthol, URGO Cold Patch procures an instant natural cold effect, permitting to relieves efficiently all your pains : painful joints, sprains and contusions.

This patch is ready-to-use. It is also adhesive, which prevent it to move and unstick, hence a good cold diffusion for an immediate and durable 6 hours relief.

Conformable, it easily adapts to different body areas, and respects sensitive skin for a maximal comfort.

Its more:

Practical, it’s easy to carry anywhere with you.

Can be use from 6 years old.

Instant coldInstant cold
Relieves 6 hoursRelieves 6 hours

How to use this product ?  

Instructions for use:

Clean and dry the painful area.

  1. Cut the sachet and take out a patch
  2. Remove the protective film and apply the adhesive side of the patch on the painful area. You can apply 1 or 2 patches per day. (The dosage can be increased according to the patient’s symptoms.)
  3. Close carefully the sachet using the closing system to preserve conservation of unused patches.


Precautions for use:

Single use.

For external use only.

Do not apply around eyes, mouth, mucous membranes, on a wound or on irritated skin.

Do not use this patch in case of known reactions following the use of this type of product.

Remove the patch immediately in case of cutaneous reaction.

In case of side effects or allergic reaction, contact a doctor immediately.

Before use, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you are allergic to certain medications, cosmetics or medical devices.

If you are diabetic or suffer from blood circulation problems, consult your doctor before use.

Adults and children from 6 years old.

The patch will not stick if the skin is wet, greasy or if it is in contact with hair or clothes.


Practical information  




2 resealable sachets containing 3 patches each.

Dimensions : 10 cm x 12 cm.


Why? Who is it for?


Do you suffer from joints pain? URGO has the solution!

URGO Cold Patch relieves painful joints efficiently and quickly thanks to its cold effect.

Perfectly adapted to person suffering from joints pain, URGO Cold Patch is also efficient to relieve pains caused by sprains and contusions.

A must-have product to always have on hand!


Your joint are painful on a regular basis (knee, hips, wrist, etc.)? These pains are frequent and can come at all ages! Most of the time, they are due to an inflammatory process coming from a shock, from an abnormal friction of then tendon on a bone, a joint or from articular cartilage’s attrition.

The most knows joint pains are:

  • Arthritis, the acute or chronic inflammation of joints (swelling and redness). It can be hereditary, linked to immune disorders ou even to environmental factors such as gout.
  • Arthrosis is the attrition of articular cartilage which can be the root of painful crisis. It’s a mechanical pain occuring during a movement.

In all cases, remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis, a balanced diet and regular exercise in order to avoid muscle weakening, as muscles are crucial to the proper functionning of joints.


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